The adoption of policies and programs for the defense, established at regional and local level, involving the world of production and services in the definition of a sustainable development project.

Aware of the environmental effects of its tourism activities, Voltoncino Srl wants to help ensure the improvement of environmental quality in the area.

Convinced that the environmental activities carried out by the Company is a crucial factor for both improving the welfare of the client that the coexistence of activities with the proximity of areas of natural interest, Voltoncino Srl, for each of the three facilities, camping Africa , and Oasis Camping Resort Gulf Etruscan agrees to:
• comply with environmental legislation, all regulations and other requirements applicable to its activities and concluded with additional requirements that apply to its environmental aspects;
• prevent or reduce pollution linked to their activities, especially the discharge of wastewater, the use of chemicals and the generation of waste through the use of best available technologies on the market, affordable for the Company ;
• promote the rational use of water and energy resources through a clear awareness of the customer, suppliers operating within the company and all company personnel;
• ensure effective monitoring system of significant environmental aspects related to services provided to the customer;
• continuous improvement of its environmental performance by establishing objectives and targets measurable and comparable indicators and environmental
• channels of communication, both to staff working in both the Company acting on its behalf, both to the public, community, supervisory bodies and public authorities in order to enable direct relations and transparent enable the collection of comments and suggestions;
• To train the staff working at the factory and on its behalf with respect to environmental legislation and internal procedures, especially for chemicals management, waste management and fostering recycling;
• sensitize staff and the Company acting on behalf of Voltoncino Ltd, suppliers, customers and citizens on environmental issues and engage on environmental objectives and targets;
• implement structural and management to prevent environmental incidents and ensure appropriate response if these should occur, with particular attention to the emergency fire and the spillage of substances such as fuels and flammable substances;

The Directorate is involved in the first person in compliance with and implementation of these principles by ensuring and verifying periodically environmental objectives and targets and that environmental policy is documented, implemented and maintained, communicated to all staff, their suppliers and is made available to the public.

Orbetello them 16.03.2007
The Chairman


Politique Environnementale